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Tips to Improve Your Wine-by-the-Glass Sales

According to an article published in Uncorkd, wine sold by the glass is essential to many restaurants' profitability - sometimes accounting for up to 75 percent of wine sales. This means it's imperative for restaurant operators to select a variety of wines at different price points to please customers and increase profits.

With gross margins of glass pours often exceeding 65%, wines-by-the-glass can be liquid gold for a full service restaurant. Having a solid offering of wines by the glass to offer your customers can be the difference between closing your doors or raking in lots of money.

Oklahoma Beer Vote

On Election Day, 66 percent of Oklahoma voters elected to  allow grocery stores to carry full-strength wine and beer. The change isn't scheduled to take place until October 2018, giving retailers and brewers plenty of time to clear out stock of the 3.2 percent alcohol-by-weight beer they were required to sell under state law.

Most mass-market beers have approximately 5 percent alcohol, with light beers containing about 4.5 percent and craft beer styles topping 7 percent.

Johnnie Walker Unveils New Mixology Program

The goal is to expand the burgeoning field of Scotch cocktails. An extension of Johnnie Walker’s new Keep Walking America campaign, the Flavors of America program targets bartenders and the trade, with a focus on expanding the breadth of flavors used in blended Scotch cocktails.

The initiative features a diverse array of about 50 drinks created by 11 mixologists around the country, ten of whom are dedicated to local markets.

Yellow Dog Software Partners with Fintech to Offer OneSource® Solution for Customers 

Fintech has partnered with leading inventory management software solution Yellow Dog Software to provide a OneSource solution for the hospitality industry.

Yellow Dog delivers a software system to clients that allows them to work faster and smarter and also helps uncover areas of business that need to be improved.

For more information on Fintech's partnership with Yellow Dog Software, please click here.

Amendment 2 Passes: Quo Vadis?

By Richard M. Blau, Chair Regulated Products Group, GrayRobinson, P.A. 

November 8, 2016 is now history.  No matter where on the electoral spectrum you reside, it is undeniable that the results are genuinely historic.  This is as true for marijuana legalization as it is for presidential politics.
Four more states -- California, Maine, Massachusetts and Nevada -- voted on November 8th to legalize the recreational use of marijuana, doubling the number of states that now have legalized cannabis fully and adding significant impetus to the campaign for nationwide legalization.  Six more states also voted on marijuana measures, including Florida -- which passed Amendment 2 by a wide margin with 6,467,202 Floridians voting YES to deliver 71% of the total vote.  
In all, five states considered whether to legalize the recreational use of marijuana this election cycle.  Arizona was the only full-legalization ballot state where voters rejected marijuana. 
Voters in Arkansas, Florida and North Dakota approved measures allowing marijuana use for medical purposes. Montanans voted to ease restrictions on the existing medical marijuana industry that were imposed by the state legislature; providers of medical marijuana will no longer be limited to the number of patients they can serve (the previous legislative restriction imposed a limit of three, which was sharply opposed by patients and providers in the program).  
In sum, eight states plus Washington, D.C. now have completely legalized cannabis for recreational purposes.  Twenty-eight states have accepted some form of cannabis legalization,  primarily in the context of medical marijuana.

To read this article in full, please visit GrayRobinson's website

Michigan-based convenience store operator Kelly Express Mart is dedicated to providing the highest quality products with friendly service in a clean and safe environment. Once you visit any Kelly Express Mart, you will be a return customer.

Convenience and quality go hand in hand at every Kelly Express Mart store. From the moment you enter each store, our commitment is obvious from the friendly greeting to the cleanliness of our stores and the wide variety of convenience and grocery items available.

"We have been partners with Fintech for over 10 years. The ability to centralize our payments for beer and wine purchases allows us to eliminate a task from our store managers, freeing them up for the many other responsibilities that they have, and gives us confidence that these transactions are handled effectively and efficiently."

John L. Olds, CFO of Kelly Fuels Inc.


Washington state wine and spirits distributor Redmond Ridge Wine & Spirits provides state licensed retail customers with a wide variety of beverage alcohol products, acting as a one-stop-shop for alcohol purchases. 

"We use Fintech to process payments made by our licensee customers and payments made to our vendors. We have been using Fintech for over a year and the service is reliable and very cost effective while satisfying the strict payment rules established by the Liquor Control Board. We would recommend Fintech as a very effective and efficient method of receiving or making payments." 

Chuck Ferrel, Owner of Redmond Ridge Liquors & Wine

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