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Wine and Spirits Wholesalers Association 73rd Annual Convention & Exposition
April 18-21, 2016
in Las Vegas, NV

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Craft Beer at Your Finger Tips

Whether you’re looking to buy, taste, recommend or discuss the newest trends in the craft beer world – there’s an app for that. One of the newest on tap is Tavour, which sends daily notices about limited-release beer with tasting notes and background on the brewery. If you're interested in the featured beer, you can order up to six bottles.

While the craft beer industry is booming, not every independent brewer has the ability to get their product on the shelves, but you can find them on Tavour. With plans to expand, Tavour is currently shipping to eight states. 

Oklahoma Changing the Law on Liquor

A bill allowing residents to vote on the sale of wine and beer at supermarkets and convenience stores has passed the Oklahoma Senate. Some applauded the move while the president of the Oklahoma Retail Liquor Association believes it will eliminate hundreds of jobs throughout the state.

The bill will forbid common ownership of alcohol retail, wholesale and manufacturing while allowing liquor stores the ability to stock “any item that may be purchased at a grocery or convenience store.” 

Market Watch - A Craft Spirits Spike 

The craft distilleries market has grown exponentially in the last decade, with 60 in 2003 to now 760 across the country, 200 of which have product available at retail. The market share has doubled in the last two years with much of the credit going to whiskey, which represents 37% of the craft spirits industry.

Craft spirits are on a steeper growth curve than craft beer was in the 1980s. Even big distillers are making moves with Bacardi buying Louisville, Kentucky based Angel’s Envy Bourbon last year. Most craft distillers, however, will tell you that they aren’t as interested in selling as they are on focusing their attention on growth and portfolio diversification. Between the innovative list of new products and the pure growth of this industry, craft spirits are something to look out for.  

Fintech Partners with FACTOR

Fintech partner FACTOR provides retailers in the convenience store industry with a suite of solutions that helps elevate your daily financial performance.

Through this partnership, FACTOR customers not only receive the benefits of FACTOR's product offerings, they also enjoy Fintech's direct integration into FACTOR's back office and accounting automation. This enables convenience store operators to automate EDI, access valuable purchasing data and 24 hour access to invoices.

Federal Government Renews Call for Nationwide 0.05 BAC Limit

By GrayRobinson Attorney Valerie Haber, Esq.

The federal government renewed its call for states to lower the legal alcohol limit for driving to 0.05. In its 2016 Most Wanted List of Transportation Safety Improvements, published on January 13, 2016, The National Transportation Safety Board again called on states to lower blood alcohol concentration or “BAC” limits from 0.08 to 0.05. NTSB first called on states to establish BAC limits
of 0.05 or lower in 2013. At the time, that call to action was largely declaimed by the industry, and ignored by the public and the states.

To read this article in its entirety on GrayRobinson's website, please click here.

Nashville-based brewery, Little Harpeth Brewing, crafts in the tradition of German Lagers, consistent with the beers of pre-prohibition middle Tennesseans. Its mission is to preserve the past, enjoy the present, and sustain the future of brewing in Tennessee. 

From Chicken Scratch American pilsner to Bison Bock to unique seasonal offerings, Little Harpeth is dedicated to the improvement of the community and the quality of their product.

"The team at Fintech is and always has done an excellent job of supporting our business. I wish everyone we worked with was as professional and responsive as Fintech."

Michael Kwas - Founder/Owner, Little Harpeth Brewing

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