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North Carolina Restaurant & Lodging Association Expo
August 29 - 30, 2016
in Chicago, IL

National Beer Wholesalers Association 79th Annual Convention
September 25 - 28, 2016
in Chicago, IL

National Association of Convenience Stores Show
October 18 - 21, 2016
in Atlanta, GA

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U.S. Hop Industry Hops to It with Double Digit Growth in 2016

The United States is going to the hops! In 2016, hop production grew by an astounding 18.5 percent, representing more than 8,300 new acres of beer's key ingredient.

According to the Hop Growers of America (HGA), the U.S. hop industry has been playing catch up as the popularity of craft beer and specialty aroma hops increases. The HGA has encouraged hop growers to remember the cyclical nature of the mature hop market and the importance of ample supply to alleviate instability in pricing. 

No Whining Here! Wine Available in PA Grocery Stores

The Governor of Pennsylvania recently signed a historic liquor reform bill that broadens the options for the wine buyer.

The legislation allows consumers in the state to purchase wine in grocery stores, buy a six-pack at a convenience store and have wine shipped directly to their home. In addition, the PLCB is opening additional Fine Wine and Good Spirits Stores, expanding hours to include Sundays, and adding lottery sales to over 300 of these locations by fall. Also upcoming are enhancements to the on store locator feature of www.FineWineAndGooodSpirits.com. 

The bill not only makes life easier for consumers, it serves as a huge step forward in modernizing the sale of liquor and beer in Pennsylvania.

EMV Adoption is Pushing Other Payment Initiatives to the Side

According to a study published in NACS Online, reducing credit and debit card fraud by implementing EMV chip card acceptance has become retailers' top payment issue in 2016. The focus on EMV has forced other important payment initiatives including point-to-point encryption and tokenization to take a back seat. 

While EMV is undoubtedly a necessary step in preventing fraud and creating a more secure purchasing environment, other technology is also equally important in reducing security breaches. 

Retailers have made significant progress this year and can now focus on optimizing the customer experience by implementing new payment methods to meet customers' needs.

GAMA Partners with Fintech to Offer OneSource Solution for Members 

Fintech partner Greater Austin Merchants Cooperative Association (GAMA) provides its convenience store members with bulk purchasing power, industry know-how, and the right connections to strengthen their business practices. Always looking to broaden their product offering, GAMA entered into a partnership with Fintech.

Through this partnership, GAMA members now can receive the combination of traditional GAMA services and Fintech's OneSource® solution for their beverage alcohol purchases. This combination enables convenience store operators to streamline payments for alcohol, access valuable purchasing data and have 24-hour access to invoices.

Self-Regulation of Nutritional Information in the Beer Industry: The Case of the Beer Institute's Voluntary Disclosure Initiative

By Jason S. Cetel, Associate in GrayRobinson’s Alcohol Law and Food Law practice groups, and Sunai Edwards, Associate in GrayRobinson’s Alcohol Law and Food Law and practice groups

Federal and state menu and product labeling regulations are a hot-button issue in the food and beverage industry as they respond to a growing demand for transparency in order to empower consumers to make responsible and well-informed decisions about the products they choose to purchase and enjoy.

To read this article in full, please visit GrayRobinson's website

Located in Chicago, IL, Takito Kitchen features Mexican-inspired cuisine and a complementary beverage program.

Takito Kitchen’s food is seasonal and supports local farmers and producers. Their menu features ceviche, tacos, soups and more with a focus on fresh ingredients and complex flavors, all tucked inside a homemade tortilla. Aside from tacos, Takito Kitchen’s plates are intended for sharing, geared towards a more creative and healthier style of Latin American food.

Also known for their craft cocktails, the Takito drink program features margaritas and cocktails centered around various high-end tequilas and rum in addition to Latin beers, and wines. 

"Fintech's electronic data and payment program allows our company to more easily and accurately keep track of alcohol accounting by providing a streamlined, easy-to-use system while providing excellent customer support."

Adriana Gutierrez, Marketing & Events Manager
Takito Kitchen 

Knoxville Beverage Company, Inc. has been a Wine and Spirits Distributor for East Tennessee since 1961, operating from facilities in Knoxville and offering some of the most well known brands in the industry. 

Knoxville Beverage Company owes its success to their philosophy of selling and marketing premium brands from innovative producers and suppliers. They have also achieved success by offering popular priced brands that afford consumers great value. Knoxville Beverage Company’s vision for the future is to continue to seek premium brands while recognizing a need for value in the marketplace.

In 2009, Knoxville Beverage’s operations were moved to a new state-of-the-art facility and a new business system was implemented to better serve their customers today and well into the future. Along with those changes came their new relationship with Fintech and their nearly 200 customers utilizing the convenient payment services. 

"The company credits its consistent growth and profitability on its ability to maintain the perfect combination of management, facilities, products, controls, service, and reputation. We definitely feel that Fintech fits well in that recipe for success." 

Debbie Tindell, Controller and Corporate Secretary
Knoxville Beverage Company

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